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What would have been much better than 'The Rocky Horror Glee Show'

The Rocky Horror episode of Glee was pretty fuckin' dreadful. It was creepy, it was nonsensical, it featured the word 'nuttage.' What made it particularly grate on me was this:
A school production of Little Shop of Horrors would have made perfect sense AND would have been awesome.
The plotlines for the episode could go something like:
- The choice of show reflects Will's growing identification with Seymour and delusion that he needs to 'save' Emma from a wicked dentist (dream sequence in which John Stamos performs 'Dentist' with maniacal glee; Will is the patient who says 'Wait, that hurts! I'm not numb!' AH SHUT UP, OPEN WIDE, HERE I COME).
- The lead roles of Seymour and Audrey will NOT be played by Finn and Rachel, because they are not right for the parts, and Rachel just has to motherfuckin' ACCEPT IT and learn the chorus parts of 'Skid Row.'
- Sue gets up to some fuckery because she's Sue.
- Boring Sam goes back to his old school and is never heard from again and we get Puckerman back.

Possibilities for casting:
- Artie as Seymour, Tina as Audrey and Mike Chang as Orin Scrivello, so that we get double subplot mirroring (and in both cases, Will and Artie will have to accept that they can't change a woman's feelings to suit their own and she has a right to be happy with someone else).
- Brittany, Santana and Mercedes are pretty much a lock for Chiffon, Ronette and oh my goodness, what is the other singing girl's name? I'm thinking Shirelle, Supreme, Shangri-La, and I know it's not any of those! (Those are the names we gave to the three extra girls we added in MY school's production of Little Shop of Horrors, to get a fuller sound. We didn't have anyone with bitchin' pipes like Mercedes or Santana.) Anyway, they would be great.
- If we get Puckerman back, though, he would OWN the part of Orin, and I also really want Artie to do the voice of Audrey II, so it gets a bit complicated.
- Actually, Mike Chang would also make a nice Seymour. MULTIPLE COMPETING PRODUCTIONS OF LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. Maybe this could be Sue's fuckery for the week, launching a rival production. Or perhaps, less fancifully, they just have some doubling of the main parts, performing on alternate nights, or a 'who will perform, the star or the understudy?' plot.
- The only real downfall of this idea is that I don't think LSOH contains a good part for Kurt. However, it would be fun to see him do something against type, like Mr Mushnik, and they could have a number where he rehearses 'Mushnik and Son' with Burt, because I want Burt to have to try to sing.
- Oh, and of course Emma sings 'Somewhere That's Green,' with special emphasis on 'There's plastic on the furniture to keep it neat and clean / In the Pine-Sol scented air, somewhere that's green.' BUT... maybe she only sings this IN WILL'S MIND.
- The foreboding opening narration should be done by Figgins; for some reason this pleases me.
- Honestly, I think this story is worth at least three episodes. Glee could do with much more continuity, and it's just insultingly unrealistic to present a school musical as happening within the one-week time-frame implied by most episodes. Spreading it over multiple episodes means that other songs could also be used, so people who don't like Little Shop of Horrors have a chance of hearing a number they like.

Big ups to glass_radical, who had a lot of the ideas in this post.

(ETA: My journal is mostly friends-only, but this entry is public because I FEEL STRONGLY and want to SPREAD THE WORD. Yeah! (thumps fist) Spread the word.)

(ETfurtherA: I don't hate Glee. I love many elements of it but get really frustrated seeing how its potential gets wasted. To be quite clear:
Elements of Glee that I love:
Kurt & Burt
Santana & Brittany
Mike Chang (I think he's just one of those people, like Charlie Brown, who have to be referred to by first and last name)
Sue, especially with Becky as her sidekick
Finn, a lot of the time
Elements of Glee that make me yak:
Inconsistent writing and emotional shallowness, and a ghastly confusion of tone: is it meant to be a satire about assholes who we should just laugh at, or are the main characters supposed to be sympathetic? Why does so much screen time go to the assholes when I really want to know what HAPPENS to nice, talented people like Kurt, Mercedes and Tina?
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